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What is Digital Marketing? #SEO #SEM #SMM #SMO

Hi friends this is AmudhaKumar again with another video.

This is going to be a very short and small video Of what is digital marketing so the basic question that anyone asks when they come to internet Technologies.

I am going to discuss what is digital marketing and the different modules covered under digital marketing. This information can help you to make a business decision on your business or career goals or any work of your digital life.

So to start with digital marketing is a strategy used to promote your product and services in digital platforms like Preferably from the internet.

There are different services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on and the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more.

In fact, Naukri is one of the job search engines, Just Dial one of the information search engines to find local business information and another local business listing search engine.

This platforms can be used to leverage our products and services to other people and this income can generate business for oneself.

So to summarise a digital marketing is a strategy used to drive business leads for any product or services using digital platforms new line not only restricted to internet and desktop but also extended to mobile devices smartphones tablets Android portable devices.

In fact advertisements through different portals like YouTube different websites technically related websites using textual advertising display advertisement or display network.

This digital marketing can be divided into four major module that is what is include a c major syllabus in any social media 488.

If you ask me, I can generally segregate into two categories one is free and another one is paid. Optimisation is free. So it follows a set of best practices that increase your visibility in search engine.

One more source is a search engine and the other source is social media. The process of doing is making your content understood by the search engine is called Search Engine Optimisation.

If you post your content on social media platforms where the social media content can understand your stuff it is called social media Optimisation.

For example when u promote an article and that becomes viral and by receiving lots of clicks a lot of views, then that becomes a trending article.

For example, using a hashtag in Twitter using horse riding videos on the title.

That is part of the activity is called as paid services in marketing. The first 4 slots of your search engine results are taken up by advertisements.

Creating advertisement on social media is called social media marketing.

Hope I have given you the answer to what is digital marketing. If you have any doubt clarification support please follow my channel notification.

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