Should you put your shop name in Etsy tags? Etsy SEO tutorials

If you’re wondering abotu whether to put your Etsy shop name in your tags, watch this to see why you should! It doesn’t need to be in every tag, but by putting them in some you’ll be found in searches for your shop name. Make sure to write it the correct way so that Etsy’s search engine can find it!

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  1. Diann Hayes says:

    Kara, thank you for the wonderful and very informative videos you have put together. I learn something new with each of your videos, many many thanks!

  2. Phoebe Foss says:

    Great to know! In the process of building a shop now. I’ve binge-watched every single one of your Etsy videos this week, LOL. Great info, thanks for taking the time to do this.

  3. Tammy Durkin says:

    I just did this to a some listings last night! Because my shop name is too long for what etsy allows, my shop name is princessellasboutiqu. I had to leave off the e. So if you search Princess Ella’s Boutique, crickets! but today those 3 listings showed up. You are so right!

  4. Sharon Burnett, Artisan says:

    My shop name is longer than 20 characters. Do I need to break it up using two tags?

    • Sharon Burnett, Artisan says:

      Thanks Kara…and yep, that’s the name of one of my shops. I’ll need to do the same for my other shop. BTW Your YT videos are such a great help!

    • Kara Buntin says:

      I’d make sure that the name is in one tag and the “leftover” is at least in a tag that has space in it. Chances are the number of shops that have the words in your name in it are pretty low, so it doesn’t need to match in the title and tags to be found, the words just have to be in the tags somewhere. For my shop, I could put the words “cake” and “remember” in my tags somewhere and it would be found for a search for “a cake to remember” because there aren’t that many listings that have those words in them to describe their items. So if your shop name is “Sharon Burnett artisan” (I don’t know what it is, sorry!) you could put “Sharon Burnett” on one tag, then make sure that the word “artisan” is somewhere in the title or tags and you should be covered.

  5. Geistkitty says:

    Thanks Kara, great video! I just went and did this to some of my listings.

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