Short tail and Long tail Keywords | How to rank on Google | SEO keyword research tutorial

Keyword research and analysis is an important of SEO. And to rank higher in search results, we need to focus on our choice of keywords.

A combination of long tail and short tail keywords works best for this. But, what are long tail and short tail keywords?

Short tail keywords are the keywords with one to four words e.g. shoes, dress, php training. Because these keywords are very common, they get high search volume. The downside of short tail keywords is that they have high competition with low conversion rate.

Long tail keywords are the phrase keywords i.e. the keywords with more than 4 words. As these type of keywords change according to the user’s query. Hence, they have low competition but high conversion rate.

A perfect blend of the long tail and short tail keywords helps in increasing the ranking of the site.

This video tutorial explains what are long tail and short tail keywords with difference between the two.

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