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SEO|Search Engine Optimization|Learn how to do your on page search engine optimization for your blog and your blog post!
So today is all about optimizing your blog and your blog post for search engines.


  1. Lipstick And Fashion Land says:

    Erika I have one question about optimizing,You said we can add categories to main menu to homepage,right? Then If I want to create post for this category,how to set up this? I mean if reader will click this categorie,which posts will be shows?

  2. Lipstick And Fashion Land says:

    I was so angry,why I couldn’t get a green sigh for yoast,but I got it by myself.But I did not know about H2 and H3 taglines.Amazing tutorial,waiting for more😉

  3. Affiliate marketer says:

    Hey Erica! Wanted to know what size your images on wordpress are. also if you could do a video on how to speed up your wordpress site. I would really appreciAte that!

    • Life Styling Space says:

      Affiliate marketer hey, how are you today, you can find the size of any image online by right clicking and selecting the inspect option, next wait a little until the text under the image turns blue and try to locate where it says jpeg or png. Hover over it with your mouse and the image will pop up with the dimensions underneath.

      For my blog post I use canva.vom permade blog post title template.

      And yes as soon as I can, i will make a video on speeding up your site.

      Thanks for commenting and stay awesome.

  4. Liv L says:

    I would like to add Yoast, but I would have to pay $24,99 a month for the Premium account. I don’t know if I am ready to invest in that. I will try to improve my tabs and the keywords on them for now.

    • Life Styling Space says:

      Liv L which self hosting plans you mean with or you want to upgrade on

    • Liv L says:

      Hi Erika! I am doing well, thank you. How are you?
      I think I will do that. Also, I have found self hosting plans to be much more convenient than the ones wordpress is suggesting. Do you know if I can add plugins if I go self hosted or if it has any impact on the ranking?

    • Life Styling Space says:

      Liv L hey, how are you today? Trust me you don’t need it, you can rank on google with the free version, when you start to grow, which you will God’s willing, then you can invest in it okay.

  5. Sexy Prom Dresses says:

    Ps: I now use the premium version and it’s dope! you can add multiply keywords and it tells you also how google is reading your articles and the keywords it sees so you can make changes if needed and you can also choose the title and pictures for the article when ppl are sharing it! it has also more features!!

    • Life Styling Space says:

      Sexy Prom Dresses hey Kari, yes it does have a lot of cool options, but I do the same stuff with the free version, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the premium version. Hugs and kisses!

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