SEO Tutorial For Beginners (Step By Step)

Get traffic sources:

Here is a completely free step by step SEO tutorial for beginners.

There are 3 parts to a successful SEO strategy:

1. Research / keywords + competitor analysis
2. On page SEO
3. Off page SEO

Then you’ll learn the 4 pillars of SEO:

Relevance (useful to humans)
Crawl-ability (useful for Google)
Engagement (to prove people are interacting)
Authority (to prove site is credible)

The first thing we need to do is install the following plugins:

Tracking Code Manager
Yoast SEO

This is so we can connect Google Analytics and the Google Search Console.

Then we’ll install a caching plugin and a image optimization plugin.

We will test if a website is compatible for mobile devices here:

And then check the page speed here:

We’ll use the following Chrome Extensions:

Keywords Everywhere and SEOquake.

We will also use KWFinder and LSIGraph, UberSuggest,
to check that we’re looking at the right keywords and to find 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, tier keyword ideas.

Then we’ll record these inside a spreadsheet.

Next we will analyse competition and fine potential backlink sources.

is useful here.

We might also want to use SerpFox for keyword tracking.

Although there are over 200 ranking factors in SEO, the 7 ranking factors we need to worry about (and have SOME control over) are:

Domain names
Page Title
Packlinks + anchor text
Page content
Social signals
Site structure

— Domain name: The type of domains we can use are; Exact Match Domains (exact Match keywords), Partial Match Domain (PMD), branded domain

— URL: this is made up of the domain name + page title

— Page title: This is where our main keywords are put first, and we can use Yoast SEO to make sure the keywords are in the title and description tags. We should also make sure the title has strong copy to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR)

— Backlinks: links from other sites should consist of the right anchor text – which is a vote of relevancy. It’s best to have a mix of no-follow and do-follow backlinks because it looks more natural.,

— Page content: This tells visitors and Google what page is about, and who should see it. It helps Google to figure out who to show page to. Here Wednesday include H1 tags, H2 tags, and keep the keyword density to around 1%.

— Social signals: There are links from social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Social signals tell Google that your page is important.

— Site structure: These are internal links to pages within your own website, created in a logical manner. We can do that through creating the right categories that make the website easy to understand and has the right kind of flow. Wikipedia is a good example of this.


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    If I start my website and keep adding content and getting traffic can you monetise it without going down affiliate links ? I was thinking of a magazine style site with a forum/community section or am I thinking to big to fast. I am 42 father off 4 who had a very good job but my wife got ill and I had to quit working sell house and car to become my wife’s carer and look after kids . I have a lot of free time after I get kids off to school and after I put them to bed. Want to learn new skill and maybe just maybe get out of council housing and provide a better life for my kids once again .. so would it be easier starting a affiliate type site as my first site your guidance and insight would be very helpful . Even if I made a pound or 2 it would probably help to keep my mind active like a hobby. Thanks again for your inspiration .

    • Profit Copilot says:

      You could do it in a year with the right product in front of the right audience.

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      Thanks I will! and I’m looking in the long term I’m thinking 5-10 years before I can get a decent living I know it takes time and I’ve a lot of time to fill and i definitely think schools should be teaching this to kids I hope I can learn from you and teach my own kids, i need to start getting onto social media as I couldn’t with my previous line of work

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