SEO Keyword Hound – One Of The Top SEO Keyword Tools

SEO Keyword Hound – One Of The Top SEO Keyword Tools
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I won’t sugar coat it, SEO is complicated.

But at the end of the day, you’re really just competing against the first 10 results (or fewer if you’re on an enhanced search results page).

If you can uncover exactly what those higher-ranking competitors are doing better than you for your target keyword, then you can improve your content to (hopefully) outrank them.

Enter SEO Keyword Hound by CreativeMinds.

It is a WordPress plugin that helps you maximize your on-page SEO. It works well alongside tools like SEO Yoast, but how they work is similar, but fundamentally different.

SEO Yoast helps you optimize your on-page factors compared to what search engines tell us is ideal.

SEO Keyword Hound helps you optimize your on-page factors by comparing the composition of your on-page factors to sites that are ranking higher than you for the keyword phrases that you’re targeting.

I walk you through all of it in this tutorial.


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    HOWEVER, wouldn’t just analyzing your SEO keywords with Google Adwords do the same thing?

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