SEO in 2019

Are you ready for great things in 2019?
You’ve probably heard a million times by now that SEO is always changing.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) continues to change and involve with Google regularly tweaking their algorithms in order to deliver their unrivalled search engine experience.
2018 has seen page speed, mobile first indexing and some broad algorithm updates changing how websites rank on SERPs.
With these changes in mind, it opens the question, what will 2019 bring for SEO?
We asked our SEO friends from across a range of sectors, what their predictions are for 2019 in SEO.


Judith Lewis –
Gerry White –
Ross Tavendale –
Arnout Hellemans –
Nick Wilsdon –
Hannah Thorpe –
Juliette Van Rooyn –

(Moderator) Peter Mead –

Video by Omi Sido
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