Optimizing your posts in the musicians lounge for the best google search spot

want to promote your channel, band, video, or more? do it on the musician’s lounge. get in the google search engines. youtube isn’t helping anyone anymore promote their brand. they pick winners and losers, but you don’t need youtube anymore. use the internet search engines to your advantage.


  1. David Linke says:

    SEO 101, I see you are a webmaster too!

  2. nunya bidnez says:

    mmmm…honey walnut shrimp…i actually learned something about cooking rice. thanks dr. chill!


      ill be getting all my recipes up on there, but it takes a while. I have like 50 more I need to format so they will be google search optimized.

  3. André Rock says:

    Nice and informative. Thanks!

  4. Rick Ashe says:

    hi will thanx for the info this is good stuff.. i know some html but not a lot.. much more to learn.. lates

  5. masao shiose says:

    “On second thoughts, let’s not go to YouTube. It is a silly place.”

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