New Marmalead Engagement Report vs. Google Trends. Etsy SEO tips

Here we have a look at a new tool that Marmalead released this morning. In this video I take a look at how it stacks up against Google Trends and why it’s better for Etsy-specific use.

To see the Marmalead team explain it, click here

I am NOT a Mamalead affiliate or employee and I don’t get any compensation from them for using it in my videos! I also don’t have information about their proprietary information, so don’t ask me to tell their trade secrets! (because I don’t know them.)

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  1. vintage Nr5 says:

    Thank You, looking forward to see video about changes what etsy did…:)

  2. Alex Gorbatenko says:

    Kara, that’s really important that you’ve mentioned and showed to us the difference between Google Trends and Marmalead data. I assume such difference can be caused because Google uses a search volume in their chart while Marmalead shows engagement volume. But still, Marmalead’s data more accurate and valuable for Etsy sellers cause buyers have different intentions searching on Google and Etsy like you, and guys from Marmalead, have mentioned in today’s podcast. And that’s important moment to keep in mind making Etsy SEO.

  3. ioanna stekiapantou says:

    for us ho dont have marmelead is it good information the stats on google trends?

    • Kara Buntin says:

      Google trends is better than nothing, but you don’t need to use it for everything. It will give you a good idea about hen people are searching for certain holiday things, or whether a keyword is getting more or less popular in google searches.

  4. Trinity Soap Co says:

    I appreciate all your videos and staying on top of all the new updates! Thank you.

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