Local SEO with Lamar Episode #14: Video Production + Marketing

Shoutout to Ben Allison at Benco Productions for Producing Great Brand/Business Videos: . YouTube has over a billion users. 2nd largest search engine behind Google.
According to WordStream, 87% of online marketers use video content.
Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.
By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. When creating brand videos, it is all about the customer. What problem are you looking to solve for them? How do you want your audience to feel? What action are you looking for them to take? You must optimize your Video for People, YouTube and Google. Utilize Keywords in your description and video titles. Too many people include only a few sentences in their video description, but this can seriously impact your ability to include keywords and communicate with the algorithm. Do not be afraid to include several hundred words — almost the length of a short blog post. Articulate your key points from the video and make it easy for the spiders to see the value this video offers. Within this description, you want to make sure you use plenty of relevant keywords. This will help you optimize your video for both YouTube and Google. Remember that there are certain keywords that can even result in videos ranking on the first page of a general Google SERP. Identify relevant keywords and add them here. Use tags wisely. Remember again that YouTube cares more about how long people spend watching your video than how many people watch it. Use ample, relevant keywords. Make sure they fit with your brand and that they will interest the people for whom the video was intended. Use Tube Buddy () Tag Keyword Research Option (search volume and competition scores): Get your videos ranked higher in search results and ultimately get more views. You have to promote your videos.
Embed the video on your blog and company website. Promote it through your various social media accounts, including your Google+ page. Use to transcribe your video and share it on your website as blog content. You can get your video transcribed for $5. Encourage your followers and friends to interact with the videos, by commenting on them or sharing them with others. When more people comment and otherwise react to the video, it adds value for your video ranking. Stats show that the first 24 hours of your video promotion is important to determine how it will ranking in YouTube, so promote, promote, promote. If you want quality video production that tells a story, has cool animations, don’t hesitate to contact Benco productions. . Looking for a free SEO audit, click here:


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    Lamar + Ben = DREAM TEAM

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