Is SEO necessary on EVERY website?

Recently, I posted a short video about one of my customer’s website. It reached position #1 at the top of the search results. That’s amazing.

And what’s more amazing is that it was achieved with standard SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. No paid ads or paid visits to the web site.

I received a lot of comments and messages – and questions. Mark asked, “Is SEO necessary on EVERY website? It seems pretty involved and kind of expensive.”

My short answer is “NO”, SEO is not necessary for every website. Not every organization really cares if their website shows up high in search results – and that’s the goal of SEO activity; to make your website show up as high as possible in the results when someone does a web search using one of the search engines.

But you should consider whether or not your organization depends on people finding you on the Internet via search. If it does – and if a significant amount of your business is driven by it, then you probably DO need to invest in SEO activity on your website.

Thanks to everyone who sent me messages on the last video – I can’t wait to hear the feedback on this one!

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