How to write SEO friendly post in WordPress part1-Set title, tag, category

How to write seo friendly post in WordPress- create title, tag category and set featured image for
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In the present series of tutorial, we discussed a lot on creating the first post on our WordPress site. In this first part we discussed mainly on some important issues- how to set our title, tag category and set the featured image here. Now, it is all set that if we do not make our post seo friendly, it won’t be discovered ever. Hence it is a larger challenge to make our post seo friendly. There are some basic rules regarding the search engine optimization those are described throughout the series. How to find the keywords is a matter of later tutorials, we will discuss importance of them in creating our first post. In this segment, we mainly discussed on:

1) How to set title of our post. This is a very vital one as the title of the post will appear into the permalink created.
2) Importance of setting the category of our post. In order to find the post quickly into same server among the multiple others, it is needed to set the category(s).
3) Setting up the tags. We skipped the finding of tags here; else we just discussed about the importance of using them in creating the post
4) Setting the featured image and setting all its attributes to help in seo.
There are lots of things to be discussed in our coming up tutorials while we develop our understanding in using WordPress framework in creating our project. Newer things will be learnt as we proceed forward. Hope this will help you in creating your own project. Enjoy Learning!!!

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