How To SEO Your Blog Post To Rank In Google & Pinterest

Learn how to seo your blog post to rank high in google and pinterest search fast using simple tips and tecniques. You will simply learn all the steps I take to rank my blog posts on google and pinterest search engines fast without using fancy SEO tools that are soo expensive! The methods used in this video are completely free so what are you waiting for to start ranking? Read the full blog post step by step here


  1. Phyllis Edmondson says:

    WOW WHAT ANOTHER AMAZING 😉 VIDEO I’m going to lock myself inside this weekend and recap all of these amazing videos Erika. I can’t keep up. Hugs 🤗 ❤️❤️💋

    • Life Styling Space says:

      Hahahahah, yes you should use these tips sweetie cause they work for me, I am also creating a very long blog post about this video as we speak which contains a lot more information than what this video has. Will let you know when I publish it. Hugs and kisses.

  2. Daemon Magister says:

    We are truly lucky to have someone like you to teach us all about these incredibly helpful internet marketing tips. Thank you very much, I hope you and everyone has a wonderful & successful year!

  3. Tryou Tech says:

    Nice information

  4. Jai F says:

    Thanks again for another great video! I see what I need to make edits to. Also what kinds of YouTube videos do you think someone in the health/fitness/wellness niche could do to boost traffic to their blog. What is your workflow from topic >blog post >social media > YouTube? Trying to get some ideas on getting organized so that I am more productive while working a full time job. Do you use Trello or a similar software?

    • Life Styling Space says:

      Would you believe me if I told you that I have no Idea what Trello is? I usually write a blog post and make a video explaining the blog post visually then I use social media to promote my blog posts. For health and fitness niches I think you should look on search for your category and see what kind channels pop up, browse through the best ones and see what type of content they put out to get an idea of what you are capable of making.

  5. My Health says:

    Golden ratio method

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