How to do SEO: Basics for Beginners (Insider Tips & Tutorial)


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Wondering what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about and how to get started doing it? Are you still asking the question: “What is SEO?” Well, get out your notepad and take a seat. You’ve found the right video.

Our team recently had a discussion with our first-ever intern and explained SEO: all the basics, how/what to do, and so much more that many people don’t talk about when going over this subject.

Here’s the layout of our discussion:

0:01 : Introduction of Case Study
2:20 : 2 Strategies to Use for SEO
4:11 : How to do SEO (Tutorial)
9:13 : How to craft great titles
10:14 : Using Links in Your Blog to Get Free Advertisement
11:22 : The Reality of Doing SEO
12:40 : The Ultimate Goal of SEO


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