#1 Reason Why MOST Digital Marketing Agencies FAIL (SMMA, SEO, PPC) 🚫

#1 Reason Why MOST Digital Marketing Agencies FAIL (SMMA, SEO, PPC)

Google Ads Training Academy:

In this video we go over the main reason marketing agencies / ppc agencies / seo agencies / smma agencies FAIL – LACK OF REVENUE!!!
If you are starting a digital marketing agency/business/service/consultant you must watch this video.
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#1 Reason Why MOST Digital Marketing Agencies FAIL (SMMA, SEO, PPC) 🚫


  1. My PPC Training says:

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    Also drop a comment below with your favorite prospecting method.

  2. Fluid Frame says:

    B2B door to dooring crushed my launch, 30 businesses a day was my target. Got WAY to busy too fast with about 2 months of this!

  3. Gert-Jan Bark says:

    Hi Ed, thanks for sharing the tip on the book, I just ordered it online and will consume it once i have it 🙂 The prospecting we did so far in our business was 100% SEO. The SEO rankings went down as the competitors start popping up left & right, we decided to try other marketing strategies (currently all focus is upon PPC, and learning and applying social media marketing along the way). So what’s your business about? Its purely providing training on PPC as the YT channel suggests, or you make money on PPC by being a consulting agency yourself? (or you left that field, so it sounds a bit if i hear you right, or not?)

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